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3PL Capabilities

Orthomotion Medical Ltd (Orthomotion) can offer the complete 3PL logistics functions or tailor make these functions to meet Client’s specific requirements. We are happy to discuss any requirement not listed. We offer, but are not limited to, the following;


  • Orthomotion operates a full lot traceable ERP system which manages goods through Part Numbers, Lot Numbers, Expiry Dates and Serial Numbers if applicable
  • Orthomotion will manage stock under its normal procedures, however we can manage stock in accordance with any specific instructions or SOP's issued by the Client
  • Product management through barcoding and scanners can be utilised
  • Product will be stored in a 12,000 sqft temperature-controlled warehouse
  • The warehouse temperature range is between 16-22°C (61-71°F). This is monitored and a reading taken every 5 minutes. An email alert system is in place if the temperature goes outside of this rang.
  • The business is focussed only on orthopaedic implant and medical device logistics and distribution
  • Expiry date management can be implemented with stocktaking exercises performed to meet Client's requirements
  • Additional warehousing is available in 2 other geographic locations - Lancashire and Devon, if this is required
  • 14 warehousing staff and 9 customer services staff operating 7:00 to 18:00

3PL Logistics

  • All incoming goods from a Client will be inspected and booked in against the Clients' delivery note
  • The items will be booked through the ERP system to ensure full lot traceability
  • The goods will be allocated a warehouse location and stored appropriately
  • Any damaged goods will be quarantined, and the Client informed
  • Orders will be received from customers and overseas distributors. We prefer to receive an official order via email to ensure the procedures are managed correctly
  • New customers will be loaded into the ERP system. We will require the contact details including email and phone numbers of the person responsible for placing the order and the person responsible for receiving and paying invoices
  • Each order will be input into the ERP system and the goods picked, packed and dispatched with a delivery note to the customer. Lot traceability will be maintained through the ERP system
  • We are happy to work to Client's specific order processing operating procedures that maybe required for QMS compliance
  • An invoice will be raised and emailed directly to the person responsible for accounts at the customer
orthopaedic product distribution and medical device logistics

Loaner Sets

  • Orthomotion can provide a loaner set service for any Client
  • Predefined implant and instrument set configurations can be built and held at the warehouse ready for delivery
  • Each set will be picked, packed and delivered with a delivery note and paperwork showing the breakdown to the individual components. The list will include the part number, description, lot number and expiry date
  • Sets will be delivered at least 2 days before the surgical procedure to ensure processing and sterilisation is completed in a timely manner
  • Following the surgical procedure and re-sterilisation processing, Orthomotion recall the kit for inspection and replenishment
  • No goods will be accepted without an appropriate decontamination and sterilisation certificate from the customer. Sets will be immediately returned to the customer for processing if a decontamination and sterilisation certificate is not with the sets
  • We will adhere to any inspection criteria a Client requests, but specific jigs, fixtures and gauges to perform inspection will need to be supplied by the Client
  • Each product used by the customer and not returned will be recorded and processed through the ERP system and an invoice emailed to the customer
  • All items that are used from the sets will be replenished from the main warehouse ensuring the kit is ready for immediate dispatch


  • Goods are sent within the UK via recognised couriers that Orthomotion routinely uses
  • These couriers will also be used to collect from customers and return the loaner sets
  • We can use the Client's existing courier accounts as an alternative, who would invoice the Client directly
  • All overseas shipments will be processed with the appropriate paperwork for smooth customs clearance.
  • For countries outside of the EU, this typically includes a Commercial Invoice
  • EU delivery document requirements may change following Brexit, but we will be ready and able to manage this if any major changes occur
  • We believe holding stock in the UK for UK customers will avoid problems with delayed customs procedures that may be implemented through 2020 as a result of Brexit
  • We have access through a business partner to a fleet of 22 vans performing 600-800 deliveries around the country every day
  • Orthomotion also has access to UK same day delivery services. 2-hour notice will be required to arrange a driver from Monday to Friday and 3-4 hours' notice at weekends. This service is a franchise of one of the biggest hauliers in Europe
  • Orthomotion carries Marine Cargo insurance for goods shipped within the UK and overseas. The Client should also consider a Marine Cargo policy to cover their goods during transit


  • We are happy to invoice the goods under the Orthomotion name
  • Orthomotion Medical Ltd as an approved supplier on the Total Orthopaedic Solutions 2 framework
  • TOS2 is being managed by NHS Supply Chain and covers procurement of all orthopaedic implants and runs to 2024
  • We also have the capability to set up any Client in our ERP system as a separate company. This ensures all paperwork is sent under the Client's name and brand
  • An invoice will also be raised. This can be either emailed to the Client so it can be forwarded to the customer, or we can email this directly to the customer
  • If invoicing in the Clients name then payments will be made directly into the Client's bank account, giving the Client total financial control
  • If the Client is set up as a separate company in our ERP system, then a set of sales transaction accounts could be furnished each month for your accounting purposes
  • We would be prepared to have a Client email address for correspondence if you require this
  • We can perform credit control and chase invoices as an additional option

Contract Basis

  • Orthomotion can offer the complete range of 3PL and logistics services. Orthomotion works with each Client to define the scope of services required including the amount of storage space, number of shipments, QMS procedures to be followed, if required, all of which will be needed to develop the basis of the contract
  • Orthomotion will hold stock on a consignment basis on behalf of the Client
  • The stock will always remain the Client's property whilst held at Orthomotions warehouse
  • The stock will be covered by Orthomotions insurance. However, the Client may consider their own insurance cover for the value of the stock as it remains their property
  • The financial terms of the contract will be defined by the amount and complexity of services required, in particular, additional accounting services