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Warehousing & Logistics

Orthomotion is a UK based business dedicated to delivering world class medical product logistics, worldwide. We offer all services that are normally required but are able to add Client’s specific requirements should these be needed. We take a modular approach to this and create a bespoke contract with each Client where they are free of the issues of establishing their own logistics freeing up valuable time and money.

Attention to detail and providing exemplary customer service is our ethos and we pride ourselves on “Getting It Right First Time, Every Time”.

The Future

The future is ever evolving and currently we are operating in uncertain times due to the Corvid-19 Pandemic, the continued Brexit negotiations and the on-going changes in market dynamics. Orthomotion will work collaboratively with its Client’s to adapt and find ways to continually support them through these, and other market shifts, by offering financially beneficial services to meet their changing needs.


2020 has seen unprecedented times with changes to how our industry has had to operate during this time, but more importantly we now need to adapt to the new way of managing our businesses. It is likely that sales representative’s exposure to surgeons in the once familiar settings of the operating theatre, clinics and their offices will be greatly reduced as a precautionary measure against this and future viruses. So, it has never been more critical that companies focus their valuable expenditure and management time on restarting sales and marketing activities. Growth of sales and in turn profitability is the life blood of all businesses in order to survive the economic turmoil we now face. We can support you in these efforts by providing all logistic and back office functions.

Brexit Effect

With the ongoing Brexit negotiations, we envisage that at some point delivering loaner sets and stock into UK accounts from European offices may well slow down due to additional customs clearance procedures. This could have a huge knock on effect with surgeries being missed due to a set not being delivered for a surgery. This would significantly jeopardise business with that customer.

One solution would be to introduce additional loaner sets to cope with these delays, with all the drain on financial resource that would bring. An elegant and cost-effective solution to this would be to hold stock at Orthomotion so UK accounts can be serviced immediately.

Financial Benefits

We have seen in recent years heavy price reduction demands across all the world’s major markets resulting in lower end user pricing. Introducing new technology requires an ever-increasing sales and marketing presence and expenditure and so needs to be your primary focus.

There are significant onerous costs involved in establishing your own entity. Procuring suitable premises with likely lengthy lease and difficult exit terms is not attractive in this uncertain climate. Sourcing and engaging suitable employees can also be an arduous task, not knowing if the selection has been a good one until further down the line. Training programs then need to be implemented and executed, again taking time and adding cost. We can eliminate all of this and get you up and running straight away, removing the encumbrances of establishing this yourselves and in doing so saving you money.

Easy access to the UK Market

Start-up or established businesses wishing to enter the UK market, have its own presence and develop its own brand will also benefit by partnering with us due to our ability to establish you as a company in your own right with our defined “plug and play” total logistics infrastructure. This will allow you to focus on product roll-out whilst developing your brand, presence and sales.

Specific Orthopeadic Implant companies can also benefit by distributing through us due to our approved supplier status on the NHS Supply Chain TOS2 Framework.

Gateway to all markets

We provide an experienced and effective platform for companies to bring products to the UK, European and worldwide markets through ourselves.

The UK is an excellent gateway into Europe and an ideal place for warehousing and logistics for any US company due to the close trade links between the US and UK. Whilst Brexit may slow down the process of getting US companies goods into Europe, it is likely it will still be quicker than shipping directly from the US into each member country of the European Union.

Orthomotion is also able to assist in establishing a distribution chain across major strategic international markets outside the US, and where necessary, we are able to offer assistance in the process of CE mark accreditation. Equally we can advise international companies seeking to find US partners to guide them through the FDA clearance process allowing them to sell in the US. Following FDA approval, we can assist in developing a national US sales and distribution network.


We engaged with Orthomotion on a 3rd party logistics project. They provided all service aspects from goods receipt and inspection, stock management, stock rotation, logistics including management of hire sets to UK and European accounts, training surgeons, attending surgeries, invoicing and credit control. All of this was managed flawlessly and in accordance with all of the required and detailed regulatory standards.

Adi Shechtman, MSc
Director, Ad-Or Medical Technologies Ltd