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ChinUp is a new product that can help improve posture. Many studies have shown that poor neck posture is a major cause of neck pain especially in the workplace . - Using computers and mobile devices too much can lead to poor neck posture - An adult can spend up to 9 hours on a computer in any one day[9] - Children who spend more than 30 minutes at a time on their screens could suffer from chronic neck and back pain in later life.[10] - 60% of office workers suffer from neck pain.[11] - The average adult head at 0° flexion, weighs 5.5kg - An increase in forward head position increases the weight on the spine and muscles - At 30° the effective weight of the head increases to 18kg - At 60° flexion this increases to 27kg - There is growing concern that using technology so frequently and for long periods is causing a condition called text neck syndrome.[3][4][6][7][8] -Dr Kenneth Hansraj, Chief of Spine Surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, described text neck syndrome as an epidemic and becoming a major health concern with potentially serious long term effect on people’s posture[1] - ChinUp stops your neck from bending too far forward - Allows movement in other direction to keep your joints moving, maintaining neck mobility - Easy to use and adjustability to suit different neck sizes, and compact size for travelling - The open design avoids the neck from overheating when using soft collars - Many neck injuries are caused by over-stretching muscles in the back of your neck[2][5] - Chin Up can help with rehabilitation by preventing aggravation of the muscles during tilting - which can cause and aggravate neck pain